What is there to say about Jason Strutz? That he is an artist behind multiple comics such as The House of Montresor graphic novel from Action Lab Entertainment, The Deadly Ten series from Full Moon Comix, or the Good Fight Anthology? NO. That he is an illustrator of Role Playing Game ™ monsters and heroes for companies like 2CGaming, Checkmate Studios, and more? CERTAINLY NOT. That he works in graphic design for various companies and individuals. NO WAY. That he is writing his first graphic novel starring the undead, the knight, and the corpse priest? NEVER. Jason Strutz is a man. Just a man.


Full Moon Comix – Deadly Ten – Cover artist on The Grim Rapper, The Hourglass, and two for Shadowheart Curse

Full Moon Comix – Deadly Ten – interior artist

Full Moon Features Bunker of Blood Movie Series – Motion Comics artist

Full Moon Comix – Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe – Castle Freak Cover, Killjoy Cover, Trancers Cover, Finale Cover

Full Moon Comix – Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe – Castle Freak 6 page segment

The Good Fight – Finding My Voice Segment

Red Stylo Media – Caged in Flesh: A Jekyll and Hyde Anthology – Cain’s Heresy segment

Jason Ferguson Productions – Gerald R. Ford Ad storyboard comic

24 Hour Comics – Four time finisher currently running event at The Comic Signal Grand Rapids, MI Dimensional Hangouts • The Mystery Hole • Vale • The Road to Hellsville

Frankenjiras Rex – Character Design

Action Lab The House of Montresor – graphic novel artist

Frankenstein Crash – Parts one and two artist

Lost Story Studios – Deathcurse 1 & 2 artist

Action Lab – Pirate Princess issue 10 – artist

Action Lab – The Order of Dagonet – Six issue series

Firetower Studios – Pizzula – artist and book design

Red Stylo Media – Shakespeare Shaken – All our yesterdays segment

Silber Media – Astronaut Jane

Red Stylo Media – Poe Twisted – Full page illustrations


2CGaming – Regular contributor providing a variety of illustration

Checkmate Studios – Illustration and graphic design to complete Avarice, a card game

Brotherhood – Character design

End Transmission Games – regular artist contributor (until 2017)


Maxxout – Always Going Over Record cover painting and design. Social media icons.

Insight DCS – Logo design and staff graphic designer

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum Baltimore – Branding, graphic design, and illustration for events and The Poe Fest International

Frankenjiras Rex – Logo design

Frankongor – Logo design

Frankenstein’s Giant – Logo design

Resistance Con – Logo and graphic deisgn

Woosh Data – Logo and regular graphic design

OGO Toys – Logo design

Spinwhiz Comics – Icon design

Oak City Comicon – Logos and graphic design

NC Comicon – Logo and event graphic design

NC Comicon the Movie – Poster illustration and design